Major updates and wipe June 18th

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Major updates and wipe June 18th

Post by Kumo Pup on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:55 pm

General Changes
Reduced level up stats, and training point gains by 10.(I.E. was 100 now 10)
Adjusted things like quests and supreme kai training ot match this reduction.
Reduced what training points give to 1000 per stat.
Ki skill an unarmed now cap at level 10k at 100k unarmed and ki skill.
Invert power nerfedt to 10x was 12x.
Added a higher ki cost to zanz that aslo scales with ki skill reduction.
At creation every race gets to choose their karma now!

Added a ki skill scaling to the ki cost of all abilities for up to a 50% reduction in cost.
Added 4 (more coming) ranged phyrical attacks that do damage based on strength. These are, SDF 15x str, Enhanced Attack(Everyone gets) 1-3x(scaling with unarmed) your strength plus 10% of your powerlevel, Nameks have an arm stretch punch. 2-5x your strength scaling with unarmed.
Rocket fist got an icon update and was made into a ranged str based move.(non homing)

Training Changes
Made self training have the same tps gain as dual training.
Weights and othee training equipment now give exp and tps.
Fatigue gains higher to make endurance more useful.
Weight gains and other are now static gains (one unchanging number)
Added ki and powerlevel training.

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