June 3rd update

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June 3rd update

Post by Kumo Pup on Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:14 pm


  • Levels

Earth levels increased to 200
Namek levels increased to 300
Black Star levels increased to 1250

  • Karma

Now adds to your current karma if you wish for karma of the same type.

  • Power

Now Gives 100-200 million strength and defence for both the earth and namekian dragonballs. Also gives 1 billion strength and defence for the black star balls

  • Zenni

Massively increased Zenni gains on all wishes.

Race Changes/Fixes
Added Fusion Dance to every race.
Added Changeling form icons to be editable.
Fixed a bug with power transfer.

General Changes
Added Future Gym.
Change Guild gyms to better match other gyms and increase useablility
Make Squirrels killable.
Weight fatigue exp and regualr exp gain cap increased to scale better.
Fixed a few turfs that were not doing their intended functions.
Adjusted Transformation Tables to be simmilarly sized.

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